#OccupyBoston #D10 “More than 40 people were peacefully arrested as the park was cleared.” #Occupy

Occupy Boston participants discuss next moves

"BOSTON—Occupy Boston participants say they’re getting together to discuss their next moves now that they have been evicted from Dewey Square.

Group members plan to meet at 5 p.m. Sunday at the Boston Common Bandstand, where more than 100 also gathered Saturday night to reiterate their dedication to their movement.

Boston police swept through Dewey Square early Saturday and cleared out Occupy Boston’s encampment. Demonstrators had been camping in tents, holding general assembly meetings and meeting there to discuss their concerns for the last 10 weeks.

They said Sunday that being moved out of Dewey Square does not signal an end to their work.

Their protests are part of a nationwide movement of Occupy participants who are demonstrating against what they consider corporate greed and economic injustice.”~Boston.com/AP Photo credit: Yahoo/reuters

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Posted on Monday, 12 December
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