Law Firms Removing Their Name From #SOPA/#PIPA Supporters' List; SOPA 'Support' Crumbling

"So we were just discussing how a bunch of companies who were listed by the US Chamber of Commerce as SOPA/PIPA supporters are demanding to be taken off the list, noting that, while they had agreed to a generic statement about fighting the sale of counterfeit goods, they don’t support crazy broad legislation like SOPA/PIPA. It seems that others listed as “supporting” SOPA are scrambling to get off the list as well. The Judiciary Committee’s official list had included a bunch of big name law firms as being in support of the law as well — which is a little strange, since law firms usually don’t take official positions on things like this. They may express opinions on such matters on behalf of clients, but outright supporting legislation is a different ballgame altogether.

A group of lawyers (most of whom have a long history of working with the entertainment industry) did send a letter to the Judiciary Committee to say that they agreed with Floyd Abrams’ analysis of SOPA. That’s it. They didn’t say their firms supported SOPA — and, in fact, there’s an asterisk with the signatures noting that the names of their firms are solely for identification purposes. Yet the Judiciary Committee took those names anyway and put them on the supporters list. Expressing a legal opinion on a bill is extraordinarily different from supporting the bill. But the Judiciary Committee ignored that and listed them as supporters anyway.”~Read more: TechDirt (Thanks to Epic)

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Posted on Saturday, 24 December
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